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On-going Projects and Activities Made During the Process of Social Security Reform

On-going Projects and Activities Made During the Process of Social Security Reform

Opportunity of Acquiring Income and Pension with T.R. Identity Number Has Been Possible
Opportunity of acquiring income/pension for survivors was enable with valid identity card that just included identity number; other documents were removed and waste of time and bureaucracy (paperwork) was decreased in a considerable amount.

Opportunity to Pay Income and Pension of +65 Elders and Disabled Persons at Home Has Been Enabled
To those who have requested, paying income and pensions of retired and disabled persons has been enabled at home and then this was extended to all retired persons.

E-Government Applications
Below mentioned activities and applications, which were done in manually before, are put into services in electronic environment for insured persons, survivors, service providers and partners (stakeholders).

• Calculating retirement pension and retirement date
• Declaration of work accident and occupational diseases
• Receiving Electronic Receipt of Discharge (E-Receipt of Disc.) and Electronic Social Security Institution Clearance Certificate (E-Clearance Cerf.)
• Making retirement requests
• E-Allowance (sending medical report and getting paid allowances)
• HPAS Project (making health provisions in electronic environment)
• E-Declaration
• Pharmacy Provision System
• E-Pharmacy: Pharmacy Application
• E-Pharmacy: Pharmacy Contract Operations
• E-Optical Application
• Crediting for Military Service Periods
• Temporary Incapacity Declaration
• Calculating Retirement Pension and Bonus
• Application for Pensioner Registration Number
• Calculating Retirement Age
• Controlling Application for Electronic Receipt of Discharge (E-Receipt of Disc.)
• Calculating default interest
• Service Periods
• Debt Checking by Public Administrations
• Incapacity Benefit Payment System
• Workplace Registration Number Checking System
• “When can I get retired” application
• Notification of insured for commencement and termination of job contract
• Controlling application on services for last 12 months
• MERNİS, Survivorship Control through I.D Number
• Prosthesis and medical equipment tools Provision System
• SMS Information Services
• File Tracking for Retirement Transactions Prescription and medicine usage periods
• Private Health Service Providers (PHSP)
• Patient Shares for Medical Examinations
• MEDULA UBB (National Database) Material Examination, E-Hospital
• MEDULA Hospital
• MEDULA Pharmacy
• SSI Library
• Contribution Payment via Credit Card
• Contribution Information System For Civil Servants
• Health Payments System
• Checking UHI Registration

Operation Project of Fiscal Automation System (MOSİP)
Because the Social Security Reform and essential reforms in fiscal legislations came across at the same time, the serious problems were faced in the sense of accounting operations. Necessary alignments could not be done upon accounting automation system developed within the bodies of former social security institutions before enactment date of Law numbered 5018.

As a result of examining present situation, it is understood that writing a new accounting program is much more useful because of differences in accounting operation systems, high cost of integration studies and difficulties in working existing programs.

Benefitting from Java technologies in new program was decided because of the opportunities provided by that technology. Therefore, purchasing a framework (software frame) that can accelerate software development was decided, and it was purchased on December 2008. On purchased framework, MOSİP program that can maintain essential budget and accounting operations was developed. In terms of health payments on 15 November 2009; as from 2010 for all payments, MOSIP was entered into service.

526 Social Security Centers Entered Into Service
For aim of delivering services by the closest units to citizens, 526 Social Security Centers were established. 35 units of them were established on the purpose of healthcare services and 82 of them were established for financial services.

Labour and Social Security Call Center “ALO 170” Entered into Service
Communication, one of the most important elements of quality and productivity, is an indispensible tool for modern management mentality. Carrying out basic functions of the management successfully depends on the establishment of continuous and regular institutional communication system.

In this framework, Labour and Social Security Call Center “ALO 170”, one of the product of SSI’s “citizen oriented” service understanding, was opened in Ankara for the first time on 28 May 2008. Call center, on the date of 15 December 2010, was transformed to 24/7 service provider, became a common communication center between Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS), Turkish Employment Agency (TEA) and Social Security Institution (SSI) and provide services from the province, Karaman, Sivas and Şanlıurfa.

ALO 170 Call Center Goals
• Providing effective and fast solutions
• Providing services without any interruption
• Being single solution point
• Providing employment for disabled persons
• Providing services from closest units to citizens
• Preventing growing queues in fronts of Institutions

ALO 170 Call Center was primarily started its service with 50 persons on 15 November 2010; another 50 persons were employed as from January 2011 so it continues to provide services. The call center, where 50% of employees are disabled persons, provide services in disabled-friendly places by considering its employees and their needs.

Applications redirected by “ALO 170” call centres to Institutions come up with solution in 3 days duration.

The Success of “ALO 170” Line Was Globally Registered

Labour and Social Security Call Center “ALO 170” took first place in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in call centres category; and won gold medal in the biggest world-wide organization of sector, “Contact Center World” competition at London. “ALO 170” Project, in the category “Best Outsourcing Partnership” with business partner “Turkcell Global Bilgi” ranked number one in EMEA by leaving behind powerful opponents like Germany, Ireland, Greece, Portugal.

Promoting Registered Employment through Innovative Measures (PRE–I) Project Successfully Implemented
With the contribution of European Union and national resources, SSI competed successfully PRE-I project.

MEDULA (Medical Messenger) System
The healthcare services for insured people are operated with contracted healthcare service providers through MEDULA system. This System makes easier the provision process and plays a big role about the control of healthcare expenses. The components of the System are MEDULA Hastane (for hospitals), MEDULA Eczane (for pharmacies), MEDULA Optik and MEDULA Tıbbi Malzeme (for medical equipment).

Health Provision Activation System (HPAS)
With HPAS; collecting different provision systems working in SSI under a single roof and providing a provision service through T.R. identity number and provision date regardless of any other information by compiling health information of insured person according to chronological order are aimed. Under the scope of this, web services were created where records of all registration applications can be added or updated to newly formed HPAS registration table. HPAS was completed on July 2011 and HPAS-MEDULA (Medical Messenger) integration was achieved and the application entered into service in 81 provinces.
By combining provision software for insured persons and dependants under the scope of subparagraph (a), (b) and (c) of first paragraph of article 4 of Social Insurance and Universal Health Insurance Law numbered 5510, the installation of single provision system were provided with HPAS.

With the project, provision services were started to be provided for employees, retired persons and green card holder by purely and simply looking at T.R. identity number and provision date; Activation System and Ration System were removed too.

With Passing to E-Prescription Application, Infractions through Prescriptions Will Be Prevented
Prescriptions are filled online instead of paper and pharmacies examine them through MEDULA (Medical Messenger). As from 01 January 2012, application of e-prescription was started in entire country.

Satisfaction Scores of SSI Services
While the satisfaction score of SSI services was 70,36, the satisfaction score of healthcare benefits was 69,24 in 2015.

In Order To Create Social Security Awareness, a Protocol with Ministry Of Education Was Signed
On 6 January 2009, cooperation Protocol for building and improving social security awareness among students was signed.

New Projects Will Be Developed in Coordination with European Union
Under the scope of PRE II (Promoting Registered Employment Through Better Guidance and Inspection) performed in coordination with EU, the policies aims to increase efficiency about combatting declared work will be improved and risk analysis centers will be established.

Extensive training activities of which major part is allocated for SSI local organizations and aim to set up new approaches about combating undeclared work will be performed under the scope of PRE II. In the course of the building of training activities, equal distribution of training activities in whole country was taken into consideration.

The lessons learned from PRE I project, activities for specific groups such as children, students in vocational school, muhktars are going to be taken into consideration instead of general awareness raising activities, in addition to wide scale media campaigns (spot and cartoon films). Inspection guidelines directed to 30 sectors were prepared for usage of Presidency of Guidance and Inspection and distributed to related sector representatives and firms via Social Security Provincial Directorates. The study has great importance in order to place an inspection understanding based on guidance in SSI.

Academic Advisory Board has been established to which solely focus on undeclared work issue and 10 wide ranging field analyses would be performed. Besides; in order to standardization of inspection procedures, a computer program will be prepared.

Electronic Inspection Notebooks
An information and data sharing system about unregistered employment will be established for MoLSS inspection officers and it will be opened to related personnel of other ministries.

Social Security Integration Project (SSIP)
The services, in the area of social security given by SSK, Bağkur and ES that were merged with Law No. 5502, are going to be provided with an integrated way and electronic environment with full automation.

Online informing to insured persons and their beneficiaries will be moved one step further by making SSI SMS application more interactive.

SSI SMS application was started manually on 7 September 2011 and it was transformed into online system on 2 January 2012.

With beginning of September 2012, interactive (two-sided) messaging application was started and simultaneous correspondence became possible.

Documents Management System (DMS)
Transfer of official documents and information exchanged in paper environment to online environment, standardization of work flows, security, fast and efficient usage of resources are targeted.

Also, the problems of manual, paper based and wet signature operations in terms of sourcing, timing and security; the risks such as missing and deformation of official documents; as well as the difficulties about copying will be removed with DMS.

Archive Management System (AMS) Project
It solves more rapidly and efficiently, citizen oriented tasks and makes it possible to take decisions rapidly. Harmonization of SSI services to E-Government structure and transfer of millions of documents such as official papers, reports and prescriptions placed in SSI archives are the essential goals of the AMS project.

Operation of Supporting the Registered Employment of Women through Home-Based Child-Care Services
The project aims to increase registered employment of women. The budget of the operation is around €40 million. The objective of project is promoting registered employment of women, who have little kids and have risks of labor market exclusions or keeping away for a time limit because of their kids, through facilitating participation to labor market with the home-based child-care services.

It is expected that 5000 mothers living in Bursa, Antalya and İzmir will benefit from program in the scope of this project. Thus, employment of 5000 child caregiver will be provided too.



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